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Have you had a chance to taste Vietnamese food? Have you ever wondered what it tastes like? Or have you always thought that it is “Indian – Chinese”? (Well, I had thought it so, call it my naïve-ness). Read on to get a little bit more closer to Vietnamese food than before 

It was a certain kind of craving inside me that wanted to try the best Pho in Bangalore and which place other than a Vietnamese can cater to this need of mine, isn’t it? So there I drag a friend and reach a beautiful cozy place “Hanoi”

The place was welcoming with a feel of “White Christmas”. The place was all for us and I personally love such a time as that makes their service for me more embracing.
We decided on just 2 dishes for the evening, 5 Spice Basa and the Chicken Pho. We were offered these Tapioca crispers with peanut sauce and soy sauce. They were light as air and good munch-on.
The basa was cooked to perfection with mild spices. A dash of lime made it tastier for me. Quantity could have been better.
It was my first time with Chicken Pho so I naurally went with my instinct that this Is the best what they serve. Quantity did suffice the two of us. What I loved is the small portions of add-ons it came with to adjust the pho according to your taste buds. Fresh cut onions, Cilantro, Red hot slit chillis, Been sprouts and a piece of lime.

We certainly want to visit Hanoi again for its varieties of Coffee and Tea.

Why should you visit Hanoi : Our city is having its first few Vietnamese joints, give it a try.
What might stop you from visiting Hanoi: Vietnamese cuisines is lesser spicier than our country food so make sure to have that mindset.


UZ Rating
Ambience: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 1000 for 2

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