Monday, November 19, 2018


GHCI 2016

To be honest, I had never heard of a GRACE HOPPER conference but always thought deep down that I would enjoy being a part of such conferences. Motivation is the factor that drives us all, isn’t it?  So I did a bit of my research and found out about the uniqueness and the value this conference offers. Companies participating in this event mainly focused on Diversity Inclusiveness in their organization.

Grace Hopper 2016

I prepped up for the first day and headed to “White Orchid “in Manyata Tech Park. This was the first day of registration and networking.  Got myself registered and saw as many as 3000 women in the auditorium. Believe me, it was the first time I had seen so many women live together so excited about what is going to be in store for them for the next two days. Once registered, we received a bag of goodies that every sponsor had to offer. I kept the ‘un-boxing” of it for later that evening but the heaviness of it kept me tempted enough. J Post the registration and the lunch is when the galore of women were addressed by Geetha Kannan India head of ABI (Anita Borg Institute). Followed by that we had the India head of IBM (Vanitha Narayanan) who gave us the Keynote address. The last session of the introductory day was concluded by Telle Whitney.

Grace Hopper 2016

Day 2  and 3 were hosted at Taj Vivanta, Yeshwanthpur Bangalore.  The day looked like a Santhe (Carnival) except for all the stalls were by top MNCs that were exhibiting their company’s inclusiveness of diversity and job openings targeting women employees only. Crossword sheets, techno quizzes, darts, fun events like photo booth, from almost every company were being organized and spot-on awards were distributed.

Day 2 of Grace Hopper constituted of various technology sessions by guest speakers from various companies while Day 3 targeted mainly Management sessions.  Technology sessions mainly revolved round “The big thing in Technology : IoT (Internet of Things)” and how AI & Robotics will be the ruling the technology space in near future, Human Computer Interaction, Resiliency with Open Source, Virtual Reality concepts, Data Analytics and much much more.  What stood out for me was the Hands on labs, Building our own bots, and bots with AI. Day ended with fun photo sessions and long travel back home.

Grace Hopper 2016

Day 3 of Grace Hopper was mostly targeting students’ career fair and sessions like Management excellence, career mastery for success, unleashing our power, leadership and the major of all was “Back to work”. Most of the companies stood up to this point to encourage women to pursue their career even after a long gap. Quintessential pieces of advises were given, questions were answered, and journeys of various successful women were discussed.

A silent message kept floating around each one’s mind and bringing a smile on their face: “MORE POWER TO WOMEN”

Grace Hopper

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